Heart & Mind: What the Bible Says About Learning

Heart & Mind: What the Bible Says About Learning




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By: Ruth Beechick

In this intriguing book, Beechick provides up-to-date research that shows the Bible has been right all along by saying it's the heart---not the brain---that knows, considers, speaks, meditates, and more. Beechick offers insightful explanations and comparisons of secular philosophies and a more effective biblical approach to learning that views children as reflecting God's image. Previously published as A Biblical Psychology of Learning.

183 pages

ISBN: 0880621737
EAN: 9780880621731

Contributor Bio: Dr. Ruth Beechick has been a teacher, professor, and curriculum developer. She has written numerous books on education and curriculum, including some on "creation history" to accompany today's books on creation science. Two previous books on the early history of the world are "Adam and His Kin" and "Genesis: Finding Our Roots."