Ideas For a Windy Day

Ideas For a Windy Day

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Featuring twelve, low-cost ideas and experiments for elementary-level students, grades 1st through 5th. These imaginative, fun books make a fascinating introduction to the wonders of nature, leading children to a greater appreciation for the wonders of God's world.  Colorful and easy to follow directions are included for the following activities:

1.  Make a Kite
2.  Make some Wind Chimes
3.  Draw What You See
4.  Make Paper Planes
5.  Go for a Walk
6.  Make Some Flags
7.  Measuring the Wind
8.  Make a Paper Windmill
9.  Racing Paper Cones
10.  Make a Parachute
11.  Make a Wind Vane
12.  Make a Sail Boat

For ages 5-12

ISBN 0890512469