Just So Stories: For Little Children ( Oxford World's Classics (Paperback) )

Just So Stories: For Little Children ( Oxford World's Classics (Paperback) )

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by Rudyard Kipling

How did the camel get his hump? Why won't cats do as they are told? How did an inquisitive little elephant change the lives of elephants everywhere? Kipling's imagined answers to such questions draw on the beast fables of India. This illustrated edition includes two extra stories & Kipling's own explanation of the title.

Age Group: 9 to 11
237 pages

ISBN: 0199538603
EAN: 9780199538607

About the Author:
Nobel prize-winning writer Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay, India, but returned with his parents to England at the age of five. Influenced by experiences in both India and England, Kipling's stories celebrate British imperialism and the experience of the British soldier in India. Amongst Kipling's best-known works are The Jungle Book, Just So Stories, and the poems "Mandalay" and "Gunga Din." Kipling was the first English-language writer to receive the Nobel prize for literature (1907) and was amongst the youngest to receive the award. Kipling died in 1936 and is interred in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.