Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 7, Teachers Book, Green

Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 7, Teachers Book, Green




Product Description

With literature as a basis, this innovative program uses an integrated approach as it takes your students through all the activities needed to learn reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing, research, study skills, and more. Just turn to Lesson 1 and begin teaching. The authors have done the work for you in an easy-to-follow format with little or no preparation. Features you will find in this book: * 36 weekly lessons divided into daily plans.
* 3 Book Studies (listed in the order they appear): The Star of Light by Patricia St. John; Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick; Much Ado About Nothing Play by Shakespeare.
* Everyday words taken from literature teach grammar, spelling, and writing through dictation, diagramming, and a variety of activities.
* Sentence diagramming takes your students step-by-step through this important skill, giving them a deeper understanding of grammar and writing.
* A poetry unit deepens the student's appreciation of poetry by writing, memorizing, and illustrating poems.
* A short story unit gives your students a systematic and creative system for creating stories on their own. All the essentials for effective writing are included.
* A research unit teaches the "hows" and "whys" of research and investigative writing.
* Teacher-friendly assessments provide everything you need to evaluate students for a letter grade. Also great for determining the areas of growth needed for each individual student.

The Green Book has been designed for a 7th grade skill level.