Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart (Hardback)

Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart (Hardback)




Product Description

by C.W. Leonard

Originally published in circa-1860 and beautifully bound in hardcover form, Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart is one of the most concise and helpful reference tools you will ever own!

This faithful reproduction of the 19th century original is a visual wonder and a treasure trove of historical fact, biblical chronology, and Old Testament genealogy. Even the ornate edging contains fascinating details that will help explain some of the most common concepts, cultural facts, and details of measurements and dates as revealed in the Bible.

Easily folds out to an intricately-detailed 29" x 34" chart
Contains several engraved maps: the journeys of St. Paul, the area of Canaan, and journeys of the Children of Israel
Lineage of the family of Jacob, the Kings of Judah, and the Kings of Israel are shown
Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart folds up easily and securely to preserve it for generations to come. Enhance your understanding of biblical history with this one-of-a-kind resource!

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