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by Thomas Hobbes

Originally published: Leviathan, or, The matter, forme & power of a common-wealth ecclesiasticall and civill. London: Andrew Crooke, 1651. The errata list has been removed and all corrections have been made within the text.

Table of Contents:

The first part: Of Man
Of Sense
Of Imagination
Of the Consequence or Train of Imaginations
Of Speech
Of Reason and Science
Of the interiour Beginnings of Voluntary Motions, commonly called the Passions; And the Speeches by which they are expressed
Of the Ends or Resolutions of Discourse
Of the Vertues, commonly called Intellectuall, and their contrary Defects
Of the severall Subjects of Knowledge
Of Power, Worth, Dignity, Honour, and Worthinesse
Of the Difference of Manners
Of Religion
Of the Naturall Condition of Mankind as concerning their Felicity and Misery
Of the first and second Naturall Lawes, and of Contract
Of other Lawes of Nature
Of Persons, Authors, and things personated
The second part: Of Common-wealth
Of the Causes, Generation, and Definition of a Common-wealth
Of the Rights of Soveraignes by Institution
Of severall Kinds of Common-wealth by Institution; and of Succesion to the Soveraign Power
Of Dominion Paternall, and Despoticall
Of the Liberty of Subjects
Of Systemes Subject, Politicall, and Private
Of the Publique Ministers of Soveraign Power
Of the Nutrition, and Procreation of a Common-wealth
Of Counsell
Of Civill Lawes
Of Crimes, Excuses, and Extenuations
Of Punishments, and Rewards
Of those things that Weaken, or tend to the Dissolution of a Common-wealth
Of the Office of the Soveraign Representative
Of the Kingdome of God by Nature
The third part: Of A Christian Common-wealth
Of the Principles of Christian Politiques
Of the Number, Antiquity, Scope, Authority, and Interpreters of the Books of Holy Scripture
Of the signification, of Spirit, Angell, and Inspiration in the Books of Holy Scripture
Of the signification in Scripture of the Kingdome of God, of Holy, Sacred, and Sacrament
Of the Word of God, and of Prophets
Of Miracles, and their use
Of the signification in Scripture of Eternall life, Hel, Salvation, the World to come, and Redemption
Of the Signification in Scripture of the word Church
Of the Rights of the Kingdome of God, in Abraham, Moses, the High Priests, and the Kings of Judah
Of the Office of our Blessed Saviour
Of Power Ecclesiasticall
Of what is Necessary for mans Reception into the Kingdome of Heaven
The fourth part: Of The Kingdome of Darknesse
Of Spirituall Darknesse from Misinterpretation of Scripture
Of Daemonology, and other Reliques of the Religion of the Gentiles
Of Darknesse from Vain Philosophy, and Fabulous Traditions
Of the Benefit proceeding from such Darknesse; and to whom it accreweth
A Review and Conclusion

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