Lexogon One

Lexogon One

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Product Description

The challenge- think of a word that uses the 2 clue letters in order, but arranged in the special way required by your color category ( maybe the first two letters of the word, maybe the last two letters of the word, maybe the first and last letters in a word, or one of the other variations.)

Roll the die, move to your square, get a 3-letter clue that matches the square's color and think of a word that fits the color's "Category Rule." Be the first to complete all 7 categories and you've won.

There's risk, luck and strategy involved: you can be challenged, you can lose at turn or credit for a category, you can send someone back to "start," you can "zap" or be "zapped" by another player. It all depends on the roll of the die, the Clue Cards and your way with words.

Ages 9 and up
2-6 Players/Teams