Life of Fred

Life of Fred is a wonderful way to learn math. Every math concept encountered in Fred involves an adventure in the life of Fred Gauss, a five year old math genius who teaches at K.I.T.T.E.N.S. University. The elementary series begins with Apples, which is appropriate for children from about Kindergarten through second grade. If you have a child under the age of eight, you will probably want to start with Apples. It is too much fun to miss the stories, even if you already know most of the math.

The Elementary Series was written for those who are not yet in at least the fifth grade.

If your child is not yet fluent with the addition facts, start with Life of Fred: Apples.

If your child is not yet fluent with the multplication tables, start with Life of Fred: Farming.

If your child knows the addition and multiplication tables solidly and is in at the least fifth grade, then start with Life of Fred: Fractions. Your child will learn why it is important not to run while carrying an 18" knife.

There is no hurry! It would be a mistake to push kids into Life of Fred: Fractions before they are developmentally ready.

Students of normal academic ability and drive who begin Life of Fred: Fractions even in the 7th grade have a decent chance of starting college calculus (Life of Fred: Calculus) before the end of their high school years.