Looking at Weather

Looking at Weather

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by David Suzuki

Do you know…

what makes the Northern lights light up?
what makes the wind blow?
why the earth keeps using the same rain-water—over and over again?
what it’s like inside a cloud?

These are just a few of the many amazing facts you’ll find and exciting discoveries you’ll make when you read Looking at Weather. With David Suzuki as your guide, you’ll find out what makes weather, where clouds, rain, snow, and lightning come from, and how weather affects our everyday lives.

Wouldn’t you like to…

make a cloud in your kitchen?
forecast the weather by making your own barometer?
do some amazing air tricks?
track down microclimates in your own house?
Filled with exciting projects and activities and extremely well illustrated, Looking at Weather is a great way for kids and their parents to participate in the science adventure.

Table of Contents:

It All Starts with the Sun.
Into Thin Air--And Back Again.
Air on the Move.
The Great Water Cycle.

Clouds Up Close.
Rain Check.
Snow Wonder.
Flash and Crash.
Weather Watching.

DAVID SUZUKI, a professor of genetics at the University of British Columbia, is the host of the award-winning television series, "The Nature of Things." He is also the author of several other books. BARBARA HEHNER is a writer and editor who has worked with David Suzuki on all the Looking At books. She has edited over 50 other children’s books.

ISBN: 978-0-471-54047-2
96 pages