Lyrical Life Science #2 Text, CD, and Workbook

Lyrical Life Science #2 Text, CD, and Workbook

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by Doug & Dorry Eldon

In a nutshell this is a singing science text for understanding the concepts of Life Science using traditional, patriotic and camp tunes of long ago. This program is highly effective for students who are listening-auditory as well as verbal-auditory in their learning modalities. Also a great way for everyone to learn the science concepts presented in these wonderful books and CD's.

This volume continues our biological study by focusing on mammalian classification and characteristics of each order. You'll understand the framework scientists have developed and relied on for centuries to classify this diverse group of animals. You'll then be able to apply that knowledge as you observe mammals around you. You'll also learn about biomes, the climatic regions of the world were mammals live. You'll understand how mammals "fit" together when you study ecology - the relationships and interactions such as food chains, food webs, and energy cycles.

ISBN 0964636727 Learning science can be like learning a new language, and this method has proven to help learners. Based on research in learning theory and how the brain processes, stores, and retrieves information - the dual-brain system and multi-modal teaching, using novelty and increased emotional involvement, association and "chunking," repetition, rhyme, rhythm, and visual imagery - and based on the experience of teachers and students, using lyrics and music is an effective way to teach and learn.