Lysis Goes to the Play

Lysis Goes to the Play




Product Description

by Caroline Snedeker and Elizabeth Clark

Here is a gentle story, motivated by sibling love and ending happily, that explores the culture of pagan Athenian society in the time of Euripides. Lysis and his sister Callisto go to a play during the festival of Dionysus, breaking many of the societal restrictions on the roles of boys and girls, children and adults. Roles of men and women, free men of other city-states, Athenian citizens, and slaves come into focus. The pantheon of Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes is seen through the eyes of these children.

This story provides an opportunity to discuss ancient Greek civilization in a more personal and critical way than just memorizing the mythology.

Grade Level: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade

ISBN13: 9780966706741