Math Facts Fun Packet: Addition and Subtraction

Math Facts Fun Packet: Addition and Subtraction

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from Beall's Learning Games

The Math Fact FUN Packet was designed for reinforcing math facts which the student has already been taught but who needs extra practice to commit the facts to long-term memory.

The 11 games provide a fun and non-pressured way to drill otherwise boring math facts.

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The Addition and Subtraction Math Facts FUN Packet includes:
* Go The Row Game Cards
* Playing Cards: Addition, Subtraction, Numbers (Answers)
* 100 Chips & 1 Die
* Directions for 9 Games
* Reference Sheets / Answer Keys
* Reproducible Quiz Sheets
* Early Addition & Subtraction Concepts
* 100 Numbers Chart

This game is designed for children of 5 years and older.
WARNING: Choking Hazard! Contains small pieces!