Product Description

"Four hospitals compete against one another to be the first to fill up its beds with patients. Each hospital has a staff doctor running around town looking for patients and for medicine and facilities to treat them. Sound like a marketing scenario of our modern health care industry? Well, it's Medical Monopoly, a game that bears some resemblance to the real world, but mostly it's just a fun way to learn a little more about medicine." Review by Detroit Health Care News

In this educational board game, each player starts with $500 which he can spend to buy a pharmacy, an operating room or on various organs and body parts. With the equipment and medicine in hand, each doctor can successfully offer patients treatment in his hospital when landing on "Office Visit" and correctly diagnose the patient's problems. Symptoms are printed on one side of the "Office Visit" card and the correct diagnosis and treatment on the other.

Instead of buying Park Place, you buy organ parts and perform transplants.

Although there's some light-hearted spoofing in the game, Medical Monopoly gives its players an accurate lesson in anatomy, first aid and the elementary practice of medicine (this game is used by several school districts to teach health care).

Sample Questions:
1.) Fever, nausea (feel like vomiting), pain in upper right side of abdomen (belly), yellow color to skin.
2.) Excessive thirst, excessive urination, loss of weight, itching.

1.) Hepatitis - rest
2.) Diabetes - insulin