Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals CD

Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals CD

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Product Description

Listen to the story and answer the questions about birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects and arachnids and mammals.

Meet these characters and follow them in their journey of discovery:
He's the man with all the questions (AND the answers!) Mr. Quizmee has traveled the world over gathering facts about a variety of subjects. With the help of assistant, Miss Bright, and many other characters, he asks the kids questions at the Quizzenkids™ Pavilion.

She's a stickler for details! She's Mr. Quizmee's assistant and his former student. She knows the most amazing things! Miss Bright has the facts and figures for any subject!

Pips the Penguin became their sidekick when Mr. Quizmee and Miss Bright adopted him during one of their trips to the Antarctic. He's a very happy penguin and loves to make the kids laugh with his antics!

He's a gentle creature who just wants to be loved. Yup! He's a hugger! Roger the Rhino visits the Quizzenkids™ team to chase away all those rumors about rhinos being angry all the time!

Henrietta Howler Monkey is the loudest mammal in the jungle and her favorite homo sapiens are HUMANS and she knows some remarkable facts about them!

"Hey, Mon - How's it goin?" Geck the Gecko is from Jamaica and joins the Quizzenkids™ team to tell the kids all about his amazing abilities. From tongue flexing to walking on the ceiling, Geck tells us his secrets!

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