My Creation Bible

My Creation Bible

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By Ken Ham

Ken Ham, the countryís most in-demand creationist speaker, has crafted a book near to his heart: a lavishly illustrated, biblically faithful text for children. Ham, known for his dynamic presentations, writes in delightful verse, and explains difficult passages in a thoughtful way.

Teaching young minds that early Genesis is not only real history, but a look forward to Godís beautiful restoration, Ham and Taylor bring the Bible to life, My Creation Bible is a one-of-a-kind Bible that parents and grandparents will be overjoyed to present to the special little ones in their lives.

This delightfully illustrated book for young children:
* Covers the Bible's history of Creation and sin.
* Details the flood of Noah, the Tower of Babel, and more!
* Connects sin that began in the Garden of Eden to the need for Christ to offer us salvation.
* Includes a FREE musical CD!

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