My Story K

My Story K

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From New Leaf Press
My Story K: My Family, My Life is a kindergarten social studies course. Social studies for this age typically includes introductions to family and culture, what it is to be a good citizen, basic geography and understanding simple maps, and basic economics and the value of things, ultimately aiming toward a better understanding of God's love for us, our families, and other people in the world. The course begins at the core with a foundation of family, neighborhood, and church. My Story K is an adventure-based curriculum that encourages families to explore the world together through four quests, and to understand it better from God's perspective.

  • This book is designed with elements that make weekly learning fun and interactive, including:
  • A focus on children in their homes, helping them think about their lives from their immediate families and beyond
  • Insights into cultures in other parts of the world and their different foods, rules, and celebrations
  • As students work through the course, the teacher will be helping them create a story book of their year, so they can reflect on who they are in their eyes and in God's eyes.
  • 344 pages
  • ISBN 9781683442707
  • Paperback (Worktext)