Nature Readers Grades 1-5

Nature Readers Grades 1-5

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By: Christian Liberty Press

Each reader is designed to introduce the student to God's marvelous creation and improve their reading skills. Each reader introduces new words that can help the student use their developing dictionary skills and there are review questions in the text to test comprehension and expand their knowledge in the area of science. These are delightful books and your younger non-readers will enjoy having their older siblings read to them about the busy life of an ant or what a squirrel ate for dinner. Each book is softcover and averages about 160 pages. For ages 4 and up. A great series to add to your library.
Book One
Some of the creatures discussed in this book are: Paper Wasps, Spiders, Butterflies, Honey Bees, Beavers, Ants and Tumblebugs.33 pages.
Book Two
Children can trace the glory of Christ in all of nature, as it reveals God's eternal wisdom and power. 149 pages; illustrated; Volume 2 for Grade 2.
Book Three
This illustrated reader exposes young students to the daily routine of various animals. It talks about nature and the life of certain insects such as flies, ants, earthworms, beetles. Also has a section on jellyfish, starfish and dragonflies. Review questions are provided in the text to help instructors evaluate the comprehension level of each reader. Book 3 for level 3.
Book Four
This reader covers perching birds, birds of prey, studying birds, insects, moths, turtles and snakes; and toad, bat and beaver. Book 4 for grade 4.
Book Five
The Christian Liberty Nature Reader Series is designed not only to improve a child's reading skills and comprehension, but also to increase his understanding of and delight in God's wonderful creation. Children need to see the glory of Christ in all of nature, as it reveals God's eternal wisdom and power. Revised and updated edition. Second Edition.

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