Novel Thinking - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Novel Thinking - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




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from Critical Thinking Press

Grades 3-9

This lesson guide helps students actively engage in the reading process by focusing on those skills that lead to better comprehension, higher test scores, and a greater love of reading. The engaging chapter-by-chapter activities focus on true comprehension not just word searches that measure surface comprehension.

Extensive studies show that people who use analysis skills as they perform any task will transfer the knowledge, skills, and abilities they gain to other parts of their lives at a much higher rate, leading to success in both school and in life. The standards-based reproducible activities can be used as homework, enrichment worksheets, class discussion topics, assessments, and extension activities.

Teaching Support
Detailed answer guide, teaching suggestions, and clever ideas for culminating and extending activities included. The actual book of literature is not included.

ISBN: 9781601441751

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