Old Stretchy-The Dinosaur Bone Cell

Old Stretchy-The Dinosaur Bone Cell




Product Description

by Mark Armitage and Debra Liz Beltran

This is a fantastic, just released, children's book, by the now infamous, and awesome, Microscopist Mark Armitage . It explains how dinosaur soft tissue was found in a triceratops' horn, proving that dinosaurs are not billions of years old. (Comes with a DVD).

Mark Armitage has been a microscopist for 35 years and has worked for Olympus America, Carl Zeiss & other microscope companies. He has taught light and electron microscopy at several universities. He has published over 30 scientific publications and journal covers. He serves on the boards of two scientific societies. Debra Liz Beltran has been a professional photographer for 10 years. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She illustrated all of the drawings in this book. She also performed all of the layout and production for this book.

ISBN 978-0-578-14682-9