Code: PLBA



Product Description

The game in brief:

Cards with color-coded letters create crafty new ways to score.
* Make words from cards of mixed colors
* From cards all the same color (scores double)
* With "straights" of three or more consecutive letters
* With starred cards that double or triple the value of words
* With "flushes" (five or more cards all the same color, no word necessary)
* By "building" on words played by opponents
* In other shrewd and wily ways
* Get help from three wild cards that can be substituted for any letter or any color
* Zap your opponent's big score with point-canceling "killer-card" (Joker)
* Game ends when all cards are used. Highest total score wins.

Best for ages 12 and up
2-6 Players
Average playing time: 30 minutes