Pixy Cubes

Pixy Cubes

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Product Description

These 16 beautifully engraved cubes can be used to play games as well as to design colorful pictures. Pixy Cubes is also wonderful for developing:
Recognition skills
Recision making
Problem solving
Visual perception
Visual memory
Fine motor coordination

You can choose to copy one of the many patterns or make up your own. A touch of creativity is all it takes to enter the wonderful world of Pixy Cubes.

There are directions for two games, Speed and Memory.

In the Speed Game 2-4 players race to duplicate the designs on the cards as they are turned over. Develop and improve visual perception while enjoying a beutiful and fun game.

In the Memory Game 2-4 players view the chosen card, memorize the pattern and attempt to duplicate it with the cubes.

The cubes and cards may also be used to create beautiful designs.

For even more activities and an additional game, go to www.pixycubes.com for free downloads for use with Pixy Cubes.

Ages: 6 and Up
2 to 4 Players
Play Time: 20 Minutes
- 16 Cubes
- 10 Design Cards
- 13 Challenge Cards
- Illustrated Rules

Retail Price: $15.95

Our Price: $13.85

Safety Warning:

Not for children under 3 years.