Quick Pix Geography

Quick Pix Geography

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crustacean, etc.)

Ages: 7 and up
No. of Players: 2-6

Kids love to play games that are fast-paced, quick-to-grasp, lively, and yes, competitive. We've captured all those traits, wrapped them into a simple concept and snuck in a healthy dose of learning. The result is Quick Pix - now in five versions!

We originally produced Quick Pix as a fun way to incorporate adding and subtracting facts. Like many parents and teachers, we found the traditional flash cards to be tedious. The Quick Pix game concept proved so popular that we quickly came up with more versions. They're all a blast to play over and over again and are much better alternative to flash cards.

Each game features a set of problem and answer cards. Players need to be the first to match the correct answer card to the problem card that is turned over. To win, you must think quickly, match faster and capture as many card pairs as possible.

Available in the following games:

Quick Pix Animals -- Which group an animal belongs to (reptile, bird, crustacean, etc.)
Quick Pix Geography -- in what region of the world (Western Europe, South America, etc.) countries are located
Quick Pix Math -- Commonly used addition and subtraction facts
Quick Pix Multiplication -- Commonly used multiplication facts
Quick Pix Money -- Recognizing and adding different coin values

Quick Pix is the #1 Kids' Pick!

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Our Price: $9.00