Sequential Spelling Level 1 Student Workbook

Sequential Spelling Level 1 Student Workbook

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by Don McCabe

Sequential Spelling is based on the classic Orton-Gillingham approach of multi-sensory instruction. Rather than teaching lists of thematic words, Sequential Spelling teaches spelling word families (e.g. consonant + eg family....Leg, Peg, Beg). This enables the child to learn spelling inductively, the exact same way they learned to speak and to walk. This form of instruction is especially effective for children who struggle with rules, have attention challenges or are dyslexic because the letters are learned in sound context rather than through rote memorization.

AVKO has researched English spelling for over 35 years. Over the course of those years, they have developed a wide array of resources and materials for the teaching of spelling -- for homeschoolers, school educators, and special education teachers.

ISBN13: 9781935943075