Southwest Indians Coloring Book

Southwest Indians Coloring Book




Product Description

by Peter F. Copeland

For thousands of years Native Americans have lived and worked in the hot, arid, and often inhospitable lands of the American Southwest. Now artist Peter F. Copeland re-creates the lives and cultures of those Indians in 40 detailed, carefully researched illustrations.
Included are ready-to-color depictions of Southwest Indians of the past and present —from the 1840s to 1980s. Among the realistically portrayed figures are Apache chiefs of the late 1800s and an Apache woman making a traditional cradleboard; Navajo weavers, braves, and a medicine man in ceremonial dress; a Pueblo man playing a wooden flute; a Pima basket maker; a modern Hopi farmer and pottery makers; an Acoma woman baking bread; a twentieth-century Mescalero Apache cowboy; tribal drum makers of the Taos pueblo; and many others.
Informative, descriptive captions accompany the illustrations, making this not only an enjoyable collection of pictures to color but also an educational and stimulating introduction to Indian culture.
Dover Original.