States & Capitals Memorizer

States & Capitals Memorizer

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Product Description

by Bornstein School of Memory Training

Arthur Bornstein, the nation's leading authority in memory training methods, has created an easy program for students and teachers learn to create active associations for retention of facts. These techniques can be applied to various subjects and help the students throughout their academic careers.

The student observes the illustration along with the unique association and then recalls the story. By combining creative imagination, logic, and humor, the student quickly discovers how easy it is to learn the States and Capitals. Clever techniques for learning the state's location on a map and the original 13 colonies are included!

Example: Picture a girl named DELLA who DOVE into the Delaware River! Dover is the capital of the state of Delaware.

COMPLETE States & Capitals Teaching Kit includes:

56 large 8.5 x 11 colorfully illustrated flashcards with the association on the back
Study guide
Instructional CD.