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Student Bible Atlas

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by Tim Dowley

This richly illustrated and informative guidebook gives students an introduction to the books of the Bible and shows what it was like to live during biblical times. It includes full-color charts, maps, photos, and illustrations throughout, a who's who of key people from the Old and New Testament, and special sections on farming, home life, work life, and religious activities.

Why is Jerusalem called "the city of David"? What are some fascinating biblical prophecies about this holy city? And how did Jerusalem play an important role in Jesus' life? This excellent introduction answers these questions and many more.

An ideal resource for teachers and students, The Student Bible Guide to Jerusalem traces Jerusalem's 3,000-year history from the time of King David through the life of Jesus, and covers the medieval Crusades as well as modern events that have shaped the city.

The Student Bible Guide to Jerusalem includes:

- handy mini-sections on topics such as the building of the great Temple, the wisdom of King Solomon, and the first Easter after Jesus' resurrection
- full-color photos, maps, and illustrations throughout, capturing the early days of Jerusalem to the present
- a thorough index of key events, names, and places( from Abraham to Zechariah)

ISBN13: 9780806620381
ISBN: 0806620382
Reading/Grade Level: 9 to 12