Code: Telepathy



Product Description

Telepathy is a game that combines strategy, logic and deduction. In a way, it's a combination of Sudoku, the number game, and Mastermind, which came out in the 1970's. The game board consists of 18 squares by 18 squares which total 324. There are nine different colors and nine different symbols. Each row and column contains two of each color and two of each symbol. There are 81 different colored symbols and 4 of each colored symbols on the board.


The contents of Telepathy include 4 game boards, 4 dry erase markers, 4 game cards with holders and one eraser. I would suggest that once you place the game card in the holder, to leave it intact. By constantly inserting and removing the game cards will damage the card because the holder is tight. I also recommended that after you finish playing for the night to erase the game boards and game cards. The boards are dry erase, so please make sure you buy dry erase markers.

Things to Know

Although the instructions suggest that players cross off rows and columns when receiving a NO response, this method is optional as sometimes the board gets cluttered with lines going in too many directions. If players do not write down their guess coordinates on the Help Chart (right side of the game board), then it can become confusing as to which square the player guessed. As players get more familiar with Telepathy, you may find that you do not need to cross out rows and columns. Most players will circle a YES response and X out a NO response. Also writing the coordinates on the Help Chart is optional. The more you play the game, you may feel the need not to write them down. Crossing out the colors and symbols on the Help Chart is recommended although skilled players may not even need to do that.

Game Variations

For those who want more of a challenge, here are a couple of variations. Play Telepathy without crossing out rows and columns, and without crossing out the colors and symbols. Players would just circle YES responses and X out NO responses that's all.

Advanced Version

The Advanced Version of Telepathy is for each player to select TWO secret squares. This is challenging but players need to be careful when responding to clues as there could be two rows, two columns, two different colors and two different symbols which require a YES response. To win this game, player must correctly identify BOTH secret squares at the same time. I would suggest that instead of losing the game on a wrong Solve, player who misses loses a turn. Play continues until one player has correctly identified both secret squares.

Ages 10 and up
Playing time: 10-20 minutes