The Black Stallion Adventures! 4 Volume Boxed Set

The Black Stallion Adventures! 4 Volume Boxed Set




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by Walter Farley

Walter Farley's tales of bravery, instinct, and survival have been captivating readers for almost 65 years. Here, in a handsome gift set, are four of the best, starting with "The Black Stallion, where Alec Ramsay saves the Black after a shipwreck. The bond they form cannot be broken. This bond survives their separation in "The Black Stallion Returns, when Alec returns the magnificent horse to his original owner in Arabia. Reunited in "The Black Stallion's Ghost, they survive a terrifying curse. Finally, in "The Black Stallion Revolts, they are separated again after a plane crash, and Alec is suspected of murder as the Black runs wild! Each gripping tale culminates in a thrilling race to the finish!

Ages 8-14

ISBN: 0375834060