The Breathtaking Respiratory System

The Breathtaking Respiratory System

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by Lainna Callentine, M.Ed.,M.D.

Discover Your Design!

Developed by a homeschooling pediatrician, this book focuses on the amazing design and functionality of the human bodyís respiratory system. You will discover:
-An elementary-level exploration of the human bodyís respiratory system, focused on structures, function, diseases, and Godís efficient and effective designs
-Fast facts and important discoveries that help medical professionals understand the mechanisms of our lungs, sinus cavities, and diaphragm
Find out why the common cold isnít so common after all - hundreds of viruses cause over 1 billion cases of the ďcommoníĒ cold each year!

With a loud piercing wail, most of us entered this world as a crying baby taking in our first big breath of air. Breathe in. Breathe out. You hardly notice your respiratory system at work every minute, day and night, awake or asleep, without fail. From our first breath to our last, breathing is truly essential to life. What powers the over 23,000 breaths each of us takes daily? Come on a captivating odyssey through the wind tunnels of the body and be prepared to be amazed!

Ages 10 and up
80 pages

ISBN 9780890518625