The Fight for Freedom (Student)

The Fight for Freedom (Student)

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by Rick & Marilyn Boyer

In simple, entertaining story form, your student will be introduced to the leaders, the causes, and the challenges of the Revolutionary War. The adventures of statesmen, soldiers, sailors, spies, and Native American fighters illustrate how God worked both naturally and supernaturally to build a free nation out of 13 scattered English colonies. Students will:

Meet over 25 heroes of the War for Independence in this 34-week, Monday through Friday biographical study

Be able to better remember what they learn through stories and pertinent Bible verses

Learn from callouts with comments on the character traits of those spotlighted!

Follow Uncle Rick on this exciting journey through the days of America’s birth. Along the way, you will discover life-changing character lessons from the experiences of real American heroes and villains. Students will learn the providential acts of God that made it possible for colonial America to fight and win a war against Great Britain, the mightiest military power on earth. Get the truth from non-revisionist sources in this historical adventure that children will remember for years to come!

360 Pages

ISBN 9780890519097