The Forgotten Daughter

The Forgotten Daughter

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by Caroline Snedeker

Chloe, a half Roman, half Greek girl is the lawful daughter of the noble Roman Laevinus and is a slave on his seldom-visited farm. Laevinus, having been told she died at birth with her mother, does not realize that she is alive and the dire conditions under which she lives. Forced to weave all day and beaten dreadfully if the work is deemed to be inferior, her only escape is the wonderful stories her slave-friend Melissa tells. After Chloe saves a young Roman nobleman and falls in love with him, she runs away with Melissa to escape marriage with a brutal slave. They almost reach their destination when they are captured and returned to the farm. Here Chloe is finally reunited with her father and takes her place in his home and heart.

Exciting events, accurate details of Roman life, Melissa's enchanting Greek stories, and beautiful description make this 1934 Newbery Honor book a must read.

Grade Level: 6th Grade - 12th Grade

ISBN13: 9780966706765