The Human Body (God's Design for Life )

The Human Body (God's Design for Life )

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By:Lawrence, Debbie (Author), Lawrence, Richard (Author)

This book is part of the life science curriculum by Debbie and Richard Lawrence for grades 1-6. Topics include Creation, cells, tissues, organs, and human body systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and integumentary. 118 pp. Grades 1-6. 1st edition.

Each book has 30-35 lessons and each lesson includes an activity and "What Did We Learn?" questions. Also includes special people, event highlights, and unit quizzes. Ideal for grades 4-6 but can be easily adapted for younger children. Plan about 45 minutes to complete each lesson.

Other books in this series include: The Animal Kingdom: God's Design for Life The World of Plants: God's Design for Life

ISBN: 1893345890