The Life and Times of Archibishop James Ussher

The Life and Times of Archibishop James Ussher




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by J.A. Ussher

From the company that brought you the historical classic The Annals of the World comes this in-depth biography of the man behind this landmark work. Originally published in 1895, this fascinating biography gives us a look at Ussher from the perspective of one who was closer to his time. This book traces Ussherís life from his birth in 1581 to his death in 1656, giving valuable insights into this incredible manís life.

Written in charming old English style, this book clears up many of the misconceptions and confusion about Ussherís life. It details his personal life and professional accomplishments in the Church of Ireland. Ussherís love of books is also highlighted. He was known for his extensive library, which went on to form the core of the famous library at Trinity College in Dublin.

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