The Making of America

The Making of America

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The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution

by W. Cleon Skousen

This remarkable text includes a clause by clause explanation by the Founding Fathers!

Also included are:

* Pictures and biographies of representatives to the Constitutional Convention of 1787

*Historical background explaining the Founders' worldview and the main events and documents that influenced them.

*Historical review of the Founding Period in American colonial history.

*Summary of the Constitutional debates.

*Overview of various governmental forms and the Founders' reasoning in creating the form of our Constitution.

*A summary of basic economic principles as they relate to our Constitution.

*History of the struggle for ratification.

*A line by line exposition of the Constitution including the Founders' reasoning in their own words.

*Constitutional Index

*Alphabetical Index of terms and phrases

Grade level: 11-12th

ISBN 978-0-88080-017-4