The Real George Washington

The Real George Washington

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The True Story of America's Most Indispensable Man

American Classic Series #03

Contributors: Jay A. Parry, Andrew M. Allison, W. Cleon Skousen

Why, after two centuries, does George Washington remain one of the most beloved figures in our history? The Real George Washington Answers that question by giving us a close look at this man who became the "father of our country" and the first American President. But rather than focus on the interpretations of historians, the book tells much of his exciting story in his own words.

In Part I you'll meet a man who --

1. lost his father at age 11 and nearly joined the British navy at 15.
2. was ambushed in the French and Indian War , receiving bullets through his coat and hat but escaping without injury.
3. held together a destitute army through the long and terrible winter at Valley Forge.
4. resisted plans to make him king and an army plot to take over the government.
5. made the Constitutional Convention credible by his presence and helped win ratification of the Constitution by his support.
6. sacrificed his desire for a quiet retirement to serve as the first President, and, while serving, set a valuable precedent of constitutional governance .

Part II of the book brings together the most important and insightful passages from Washington's writings , conveniently arranged in alphabetical order by subject matter.

ISBN 9780880800143
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