The Really Big Barn on Noah's Farm

The Really Big Barn on Noah's Farm




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By: Darrell Wiskur

A lively childrens rhyming book

Imaginative story of Noah and animals AFTER the flood

We challenge you to find another story like this one! This book is different than any other book on the market. You can find countless numbers of childrens books about Noahs ark, but none of them tell the end of the story. After the flood, the Bible tells us that Noahs ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat and Noah planted a vineyard. What happened to the ark? What about all the animals? Well, we really dont know for sure, but author Darrell Wiskur has a few wonderful ideas about it. God, in His infinite wisdom not only gave Noah the plans for building a floating zoo, but also gave him the means to start all over again by using the materials from the ark. This exciting childrens book goes beyond the famous flood to surmise about these and other questions.

32 Pages
ISBN 9780890513538

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