The Remarkable Journey of Jonah

The Remarkable Journey of Jonah

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By: Dr. Henry M. Morris

A Raging storm, a rebellious prophet, and somewhere out there, a great fish?

This book is a fascinating commentary on the life of the great prophet:

• Could a man spend three days inside a huge fish?
• His prayer of deliverance
• Why did he run from God?
• The influence of the ancient city, Nineveh
• Jonah and the twenty-first century

The late scholar and author Dr. Henry Morris believed the biblical account of Jonah was true, and this book will thrill others who believe it, too. Drawing on a lengthy research career, Morris takes the reader on the same wonderful ride on which Jonah embarked. Sure to be a hit for Bible study groups and individuals who find inspiration from a beloved classic.

Henry Morris, Ph.D., (deceased) earned the title, "The Father of Modern Creationism," through with his numerous writings about the creation/evolution debate. He was a respected scientist and wrote, textbook author and the founder of the Institute for Creation Research in California.

• 144 Pages
• Paperback
• ISBN 9780890514078