The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone

The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone




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by James Cross Giblin

In the Egyptian Gallery of the British Museum sits an odd-shaped black rock - the Rosetta Stone. Unimpressive at first glance, it is nonetheless one of the greatest treasures of ancient Egypt, for it holds the key to this magnificant civilization. Before the Rosetta Stone was found, Egyptian history was lost to the world. The only clues were the mysterious picture writings that adorned temples and pyramids. For hundreds of years, scholars struggled to decipher these hieroglyphs. Then, in 1799, soldiers in Napolean's army stumbled on the Rosetta Stone.

Decipher the history of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs with this enlightening account of the discovery and translation of the Rosetta Stone. Packed with illustrations, engravings, and historical photographs, The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone is an informative yet accessible overview perfect for aspiring young Egyptologists, kids interested in archaeology, and students in grades 3 to 7. This ALA Notable Children's Book also includes excerpts from the translated text of the Rosetta Stone and a bibliography with suggestions for further reading, making it an ideal starting point for Ancient Egyptian research and reports

Ages 8-12
96 pages

ISBN: 0064461378
EAN: 9780064461375