The Schoolchildren's Blizzard

The Schoolchildren's Blizzard

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By: Marty Rhodes Figley
Illustrated By: Shelly O. Haas

When nine-year-old Sarah and her little sister, Annie, set out on their way to school on January 12, 1888, they have no idea what their day will hold. The weatherís so warm they go outside to play. Suddenly, the wind turns cold and begins to roaróitís a blizzard! The wind is so strong it rips the schoolís roof off. What will they do? The freezing snow is already up to their knees and without a roof theyíll freeze. Their teacher, Miss Freeman, ties them all together with a long rope and they head out into the blinding storm. Will they make it to safety in time?

Grades: 2-4
ISBN 9781575056197