The True Story of Noah's Ark

The True Story of Noah's Ark

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By:Tom Dooley, Bill Looney

One of the most stunning, unique and captivating books on the account of the Ark and the global Flood of Noah's day ever produced. Based on the account recorded in Genesis 6-9 in the Bible, the narrative is true to the biblical record and its timeline of events concerning Noah and the Great Flood, with added insight as to what it might have been like to be in Noah's shoes.

The thrilling adventure of Noah comes to life through the dazzling, detailed illustrations by Bill Looney in the exciting True Story of Noahs Ark. The images of the interior of Noahs ark are like nothing youve ever seen before. The people and cities depicted here are certainly more advanced than what youve been led to believe And this is not fiction - its all biblically and historically based.

This book is not just material for Ministry to Children, but can also be used as an excellent Evangelical tool because it comes directly from the multi-media presentation of author Tom Dooley, who uses it to witness to multitudes of people across America every week. This dramatic and exciting retelling of a timeless Bible story is an excellent resource and should have a place in every Church Library.

72 Pages
ISBN 9780890513880

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