The Young Earth

The Young Earth

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The Real History of the Earth: Past, Present and Future

By Dr. John Morris

Is the earth billions of years old, or just thousands?
Does it Matter?

Did God create our world in six literal days, or did it evolve on its own over countless eons of time? The age of the earth - a key question in the creation/evolution debate - has been portrayed as an issue of science versus religion, but is it really that simple?

The answers to these questions are vital to understanding not just earth science, but also the biblical record.

Dr. John Morris - The Young Earth scientifically examines the evidence to see what the earth actually reveals about itself. This classic and definitive work, newly revised and expanded, demonstrates that the Bible can be trusted in questions of science and history. The Young Earth offers both compelling scientific analysis and effective biblical exposition. A powerful resource, it also includes a CD with PowerPoint presentations that illustrate such key concepts as salt levels in the oceans, the age of the atmosphere, the accumulation of ocean sediments, and much more.

Great for presentations and personal study
Organized for teaching to groups of all sizes
Illustrated slides illuminate important points

Scientifically, irrefutably, the truth of God's world proclaims the truth of God's Word.

144 Pages
ISBN 9780890514986
High school - adult.

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