Theras and his Town

Theras and his Town

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by Caroline Snedecker

Young Theras, born an Athenian with all the rights, privileges, and freedoms this entails, is taken to Sparta by a relative when his father is lost at war. he is forced to live like a Spartan, a brutal life with no pity for those who are not physically perfect and totally obedient to Spartan control. After enduring rigorous training and repeated cruel incidents, he escapes with a Perioikoi boy and heads for Athens. After a hard and dangerous journey including escape from slavers, and at the end of his strength, Theras encounters Herodotus who takes both boys to Athens. There, Theras is reunited with his family and their confiscated property is restored.

This book helps the young reader understand and internalize the differences between the cultures of Athens and Sparta - a difference that is central to a good comprehension of ancient Greek history.

Grade Level: 5th Grade - 12th Grade
ISBN13: 9780966706796