Tic Attack Toe

Tic Attack Toe

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Product Description

Battle for every spot! Challenge your friends and family to be the first to claim three-in-a-row and get five points and win. Knock-out your opponent’s spot with a higher value card or use your knock-out card to take any spot.

Carolyn's Comments: This game is fun for the whole family yet it will help pre-schoolers learn number recognition and sequence at the same time! It plays like Tic-Tac-Toe but with a twist: You can change the game by playing a higher number card on top of your opponent's card! There are wild cards too so there are surprises on every turn.

Ages: 3 and up (note: Your child must have some understanding of number order 1 - 9 and be able to recognize at least most of the numbers in order to enjoy the game.)