Traveling Animals

Traveling Animals




Product Description


The Strategic Wildlife Education Game for Families and Animal Lovers!

Everyone becomes animal conservationists by collecting "animal" and "world" cards while learning about animals and competing to reach the Global Animal Congress!

Three different challenge levels: Tourist, Pathfinder and Native.

Magnificent original artwork to inspire international animal conservation!

A fun and exciting international game to learn about animals, countries, Habitats and our planet.

How the game works:

Each player selects an animal guide token and an individual level of difficulty. Players then roll the die and travel the board collecting animal and world cards by successfully answering the animal conservation questions on the back of each card. The first player to reach the Global Animal Congress with at least 5 cards wins the game. Players can use strategy by choosing different paths to take advantage of Bonus and Jump spaces while trying to avoid hazards.


75 Animal cards and 15 World cards - each with 3 levels of challenge questions
6 Original sculpted animal token guides
1 Game board
1 Rule booklet
1 Card holder
1 8-sided die

Approximate play time: 1 hour
2-6 players
Ages 8+