U.S. Presidents: The Oval Office All-Stars!

U.S. Presidents: The Oval Office All-Stars!




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by Dan Green
Created by Simon Basher

Basher's US Presidents shows you the nation's leaders as you've never seen them before. Every president, from George Washington to the winner of the 2012 election, has his own entry and speaks directly to the reader.

In Basher's humorous fashion, these lively and enlightening articles bring history to life. Meet James Monroe, known as the "Last Cocked Hat" because he pranced around in an outdated wig, hat, and breeches! Learn more about "Uncle Jumbo" (better known as Grover Cleveland): the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Find out how Ronald Reagan helped end the Cold War.

Quirky facts add interest. Did you know that John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator? That Teddy Roosevelt (and his whole family) could walk on stilts? Or that Lyndon B. Johnson had worked as an elevator operator? Reading this book will put you on first-name terms with every single one of America's Head Honchoes!

Features: Bibliography, Index, Illustrated, Table of Contents, Glossary
112 pages

ISBN: 0753469243
EAN: 9780753469248

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