'What Is the Sentence' or 'WITS'

'What Is the Sentence' or 'WITS'

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Ages 7 +
For 2 - 4 Players
Game Duration: 15 - 30 minutes

What is the Sentence? is hilarious fun for the entire family to play at home or on the road! Draw an action card and read the sentence instruction. Now deal the cards to see what letters you will get to create your sentence.

Hurry, the timer's running out! What will your sentence say? For the letters: F, L, S, I and P, how about "Frogs Like Singing In Ponds?"

Opponents judge a winning sentence and can steal it if you're not careful!
Example Action Card:
To get your point, you must do the following:
Create a sentence with a sea creature in it. Such as:
Starfish, Turtle, Whale, etc.

Educational benefits include:

*Sentence structure
*Critical thinking
*Oral communication
*Quick-thinking exercises