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By: Richard Maybury

The "Uncle Eric" series of books is written by Richard Maybury for young and old alike. Using the epistolary style of writing (using letters to tell a story), Mr. Maybury plays the part of an economist writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew. Using stories and examples, he gives interesting and clear explanations of topics that are generally thought to be too difficult for anyone but experts. The series is called "Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works". Each book in the series attempt to be consistent with the principles of America's Founders. The books can be read in any order, and have been written to stand alone. To get the most from each one, however, they should be read in a specific order. The order is listed below in the description by indicating the book number. Book number one should be read before book number two and so forth. Reading level age 12 and up.

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? is a clear, concise introduction to the causes of inflation, recession and wage/price controls. The book is written as a series of letters from Uncle Eric to his ninth grade nephew. The letters explain by describing historical events both ancient and modern history, with special attention to the Roman Empire. Topics include the origin and history of money, the dollar, government, federal debt, recessions, depressions, inflation's, investing and foreign currencies. (124 pages)
age 10 and up
160 pages

ISBN-13: 9780942617627
ISBN-10: 0-942617-52-5