Who in the World Was the Acrobatic Empress?

Who in the World Was the Acrobatic Empress?




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The Story of Theodora
by Robin Phillips
illustrations by Jeff West

Emperor Justinian could not decide what to do. His people were rioting. An angry mob poured through the streets, looting, setting fires, and destroying houses and taverns. If they reached the palace, they might kill him. Justinian's trusted advisors pressed him to run to the port and sail away, giving up his throne to save his life. He turned and looked at his wife, the wisest person in the room. What would she, the Empress Theodora, urge him to do? Discover the intriguing story of Empress Theodora in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press. Outstanding illustrations from Jeff West complement the fabulous story, giving second-grade readers insight into the life of this 6th century ruler. The Story of Theodora correlates to Chapter 4 of The Story of the World, Volume 2.

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