Who Says You Can't Memorize?!

Who Says You Can't Memorize?!




Product Description

by Barbara Bormuth Will, illustrated by Noah Robert Witt

Fun Ways to Learn Bible Verses

Do you have trouble memorizing Scripture? Most people do. Studies show that only around 30% of us can learn by simply repeating something over and over again. The rest of us 70% need help - big help - to learn Bible verses by heart. This book gives you the tools to successfully store God’s Word in your heart - and have a good time doing it!

This book is unique!
It is the only Bible memory book written for kids that shows you how to use learning styles to help you memorize. Easy instructions and delightful illustrations make each technique a snap to learn. Are you a kid at heart? You will love this book too.

You can enjoy memorizing!
This book shows you great ways to memorize while you are doing what you like to do. Combining your favorite activities with memorizing is a great way to learn Bible verses.

Whether you enjoy sports, music, jumping rope, drawing, acting, texting, drumming, doing puzzles, singing, writing, or making crafts, this book has a fun memory technique for you.

This book is packed with:
• 10 great ways to memorize that really work
• Fun illustrations that explain everything
• Easy-to-follow instructions
• Cool ways to use technology
• Awesome reasons to memorize Bible verses
• Wonderful tips for people with special needs

Paperback 38 Godly fun-filled pages
8-½ inches by 11 inches
For kids of all ages