Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Student Workbook 3rd Edition

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Student Workbook 3rd Edition

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by Kenneth Hodkinson & Sandra Adams

A solid vocabulary is crucial for testing, writing, and the precise communication required by daily life.

Using a contextual approach, Wordly Wise 3000 students are taught to say unfamiliar words and identify any possible similarities to other words, use the word in context, break the word down into parts, and finally look it up. Three thousand carefully selected words taken from literature, textbooks, and SAT-prep books form the backbone of this vocabulary series. Each lesson begins with a Word List that includes pronunciations, parts of speech, and concise definitions, and uses each word in an interesting, contextual, sentence. Lessons teach new words through reading, writing, and a variety of activities designed to firmly associate words with the context in which they're used. Wordly Wise 3000, Book 4 is made up of 20 lessons with 15 words in each lesson.

In Book 4, vocabulary instruction is more sophisticated, while continuing to prepare students for content area learning; lessons focus on building vocabulary while strengthening reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Comprehension of the vocabulary words is facilitated and reinforced through the five different exercises repeated in each lesson; reading first strategies as well as Greek and Latin roots are also included.

This third edition features the same word lists as the second edition, however, the passages and questions that follow the passages have been updated and assigned measures from The Lexile Framework for Reading. Wordly Wise 3000, 3rd Edition is not compatible with 2nd Edition teacher's guides and resources.

Wordly Wise 3000, Book 4 contains twenty lessons, and includes words such as benefit, prepare, destructive, entry, spacious, communicate, coax, and more. 224 two-tone pages, softcover. Grade 4.

Grade Level: 4th

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